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The Show

If you haven't already been to Laffing Matterz, imagine a Saturday Night Live with 80 percent musical spoofs or Capitol Steps with original songs instead of parodies as a cast of multi-talented performers change roles to present a crazy kaleidoscope of irreverent humor.

 While the comic targets can change with the headlines, Laffing Matterz takes on politics with Obamacare, gun control and global warming according to Mother Nature.  Modern life is not spared as the troupe lampoons steroids in baseball, tech support, fertility clinics and menopause.  Proving there is nowhere in the world safe from their jabs, the show includes comic takes at the winter Olympics in Russia and Pope Francis and one too-adoring Argentinian fan.  And, of course, audience favorite Paula Deen is also cooking up something different for the show.  Parental Discretion is advised.

"Laughter is an instant vacation" - Milton Berle

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